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Micro-Structured Sapphire Fiber Sensors for Simultaneous Measurements of High Temperature and Dynamic Gas Pressure in Harsh Environments

Performer: Missouri University of Science & Technology (Miner Circle)

Project No: FE0001127


Researchers met their initial milestone of constructing models of the HEIFPI sensor in response to anticipated temperature and pressure conditions. Researchers then established structural parameters of the HEIFPI sensor to guide device fabrication. The team has completed a unique sensor fabrication device using a femtosecond laser. Using this device, the team has been able to micro machine sapphire for the purposes of temperature and pressure measurement. In addition, the team has made progress on formulations of thin ceramic films to coat the sapphire. The research team also participated in sensor design and packaging for in situ monitoring of high-temperature synthesis gas in a small-scale coal gasifier at the University of Cincinnati. The experience of testing in harsh environment benefits the research on sensors that are viable for commercial applications.

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