CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Recovery Act: Ramgen Supersonic Shock Wave Compression and Engine Technology

Performer: Ramgen Power Systems

Project No: FE0000493


  • A review of the requirements and feasibility of the CO2 compressor demonstration unit was completed.

  • The CFD tools and computing resources for use throughout the program were improved and expanded.

  • In conjunction with Oak Ridge National Lab, super-computing improvements allowed us to run several thousand configuration models in days vs. the months and years it would have taken us to run on our own computers.

  • The design, manufacture and systems check-out testing of the 10 MW, closed-loop CO2 test facility was completed.

  • An extension to the project was awarded in September 2010 to work on the ISC engine design that utilizes key technologies from the CO2 compressor technology.

  • The first build of the CO2 compressor achieved a pressure ratio of 7.74, with an inlet suction pressure of 135 psia and a discharge pressure of 1045 psia. In additional testing, a discharge pressure of 1156 psia at 185 psia suction was achieved. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time CO2 has been compressed to supercritical state in one stage from such a low inlet pressure.

  • Supersonic compressor configurations that were developed for the ISC Engine program have been refined and adopted for use on the CO2 compressor test unit, which has shortened the time to produce test data, and improved the performance potential of the final configuration.

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