Functional Materials

Researchers in ORD’s Functional Materials Development competency work to discover and develop advanced functional materials and component processing technologies to meet technology performance requirements and enable scale-up for proof-of-concept studies. Research includes separations materials and electrochemical and magnetic materials, specifically:

Separations Materials

  • Synthesis, purification, and basic characterization of organic substances, including polymers and ionic liquids.
  • Fabrication of substances into separations materials including solid sorbents, mixed matrix, hollow fiber, and supported liquid membranes.
  • Testing of materials under ideal and realistic process conditions such as those found in coal-fired power plant and integrated gasification combined cycle fuel gas. Performance testing methods available to the team include gravimetric, differential pressure, and continuously stirred tank reactor evaluation of liquid solvents; gravimetric, pressure differential, and packed bed evaluation of solid sorbents; and isochoric and isobaric evaluation of membranes.
  • Examination of physical and mechanical properties critical to eventual application of separation materials including tensile strength, modulus, and support bubble point.

Electrochemical & Magnetic Materials

  • Electrochemical, electronic, magnetic, and optical property characterization of materials.
  • Nanofabrication and nanoengineering techniques such as nanostructuring, thin film deposition, and nanoparticle infiltration.
  • Methodologies for quantitative structural/chemical characterization of complex engineering materials across all relevant length scales.
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