Project No: FE0003997
Performer: Illinois Institute of Technology


Federal Project Manager: Miller, Charles:
Technology Manager: Maley, Susan:
Principal Investigator: Arastoopour, Hamid:

Award Date:  08/01/2010
Project Date:  07/31/2014

DOE Share: $299,853.00
Performer Share: $132,122.00
Total Award Value: $431,975.00

Performer website: Illinois Institute of Technology -

Crosscutting Research - University Training and Research

Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations of a Regenerative Process for Carbon Dioxide Capture in Advanced Gasification Based Power Systems

Project Description

A CO2 sorbent regeneration process will be experimentally and computationally studied. The experimental effort will include obtaining the data necessary to determine the intrinsic reaction rates and diffusivity parameters for the CO2 absorption/regeneration and the WGS reactions. A multi-phase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model is proposed which includes a population balance equation governing the particle porosity distribution (PPD) evolution. The CFD/Population Balance Equation (PBE) model will be numerically solved and simulations of the regenerative carbon dioxide removal process will be performed; the Finite size domain Complete set of trial functions Method Of Moments (FCMOM) numerical technique will be used and developed to solve the PBE. The simulation results will be used to determine the optimum reactor configuration/geometry and the operating conditions for the CO2 removal and hydrogen production.

Program Background and Project Benefits

This project will develop a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of a regenerative process for CO2 capture in advanced gasification-based systems. The project will simulate and aid in the design of advanced gasification-based power systems and can help achieve near-zero emissions while meeting system performance and lower capital and operating costs.