Title: DOE NETL's Phase II Mercury Control Technology Field Testing Program: UPDATED Economic Analysis of Activated Carbon Injection
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 05/2007
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Environmental & Water
Author: Thomas J. Feeley III (NETL)
Jeffrey W. Hoffman (NETL)
Andrew P. Jones (SAIC)
James T. Murphy (SAIC)
Dennis N. Smith

This report provides "study-level" cost estimates for 12 of the Phase II ACI field testing sites that have been completed. This analysis was carried out to provide DOE/NETL a means of measuring its success in achieving the target of reducing baseline mercury control costs by 25 to 50%. Mercury control cost estimates are presented for: conventional (untreated) ACI, chemically-treated ACI, and conventional ACI coupled with the introduction of a sorbent enhancement additive (SEA) to the coal prior to combustion. The economic analyses were conducted on a plant-specific basis, meaning that the economics are dependent on the actual power plant operating conditions and coal properties observed during full-scale field testing at each of these Phase II sites.

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