Title: Use of Hydrogen for the Light Duty Transportation Fleet: Technology and Economic Analysis
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 09/2005
Publication Type: Presentation
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Fuel Cells
Hydrogen & Clean Fuels
Author: Peter C. Balash (NETL)
Donald Hanson (ANL)
Dale Keairns (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Kenneth C. Kern (NETL)
John Marano (Consultant)
John Molburg (ANL)
John Ruether (NETL)
Dave Schmalzer (ANL)
Kathy Stirling (NETL)

This report presents results of economic modeling and scenario analyses in which the nation meets environmental and energy security goals. The 2003 federal goals include: reducing petroleum consumption by 11 million barrels per day and carbon emissions by 500 million metric tons by 2040. The paper highlights plausible technological pathways and policies needed to achieve these goals, including a scenario analysis on hydrogen or alternative fuel-based transportation fleets.

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