Title: Assessment of the Distributed Generation Market Potential for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Publication Number: NETL/DOE-342/093013
Publication Date: 09/2013
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Katrina Krulla
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Environmental & Water
Carbon Sequestration
Fuel Cells
Author: Dale Keairns (Booz Allen Hamilton) Katrina Krulla (NETL) Arun Lyengar Richard Newby (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Synopsis: NETL analyzed the strengths of the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system in conjunction with distributed generation (DG) market segments in the U.S. and determined that natural gas compressor stations, grid strengthening, and data centers were potential early market-entry opportunities. These three DG market segments are projected to demand two gigawatts of additional power between now and 2018 and 25 GWs through 2040. This analysis showed that the DG SOFC system becomes cost competitive with other fossil-fuel based DG technologies after 25 MWe of installed capacity, around 2025. The SOFC DG application validates and enables utility scale fuel cell systems with carbon capture, and forms an essential first phase of the NETL technology development roadmap.
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