Title: Task 3 Gasification Plant Cost and Performance Optimization
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 05/2005
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Program/Technology: Gasification
Author: Jeff Hoffman (NETL)
Sheldon Kramer (Nexant)
Francis Lau (Nexant)
Alan Nizamoff (Nexant)
Scott Olsen (Nexant)
Mike Roberts (Nexant)
Erik Shuster (RDS)
David Stopek (Nexant)
Robert Zabransky (Nexant)
Nelson Zhan (NETL)

This study evaluates the application of Gas Technology Institute's (GTI) fluidized bed UGASĀ® gasifier at the industrial application. The first of the three subtasks in this study examines the use of the gasifier for an upstate New York industrial setting using a Southeastern Ohio coal. Both air-blown and oxygen-blown gasifier schemes are evaluated for this subtask. The next subtask of the study is to develop an advanced design for an air-blown case based on the first subtask. The third subtask of the study investigates the GTI gasifier in a stand-alone lignite-fueled IGCC power plant application, sited in North Dakota.

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