Title: The Benefits of SOFC for Coal-Based Power Generation
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 10/2007
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Gasification
Fuel Cells
Author: Chris Nichols (NETL)
Eric Grol (NETL)
Heather Quedenfeld (NETL)
Wayne Surdoval (NETL)
Jan H.J.S. Thijssen

This report addresses what impact SECA fuel cells will have on the cost, efficiency, and environmental performance of advanced coal power plants. To approach this question, a number of systems analyses were conducted to determine the benefits of SOFC systems integrated with coal gasification. The analyses underlying this study include detailed system assessment, analyses of SOFC module costs, as well as recent system tests of SOFC stacks under development in the Department's SECA program.

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