Title: An Evaluation of the Extraction, Transport and Refining of Imported Crude Oils and the Impact on Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2009/1362
Publication Date: 03/2009
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Oil & Natural Gas
Hydrogen & Clean Fuels
Author: Kristin Gerdes (NETL)
Timothy J. Skone (NETL)

NETL has analyzed the life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel and jet fuel) derived from domestic crude oil and crude oil imported from specific countries. The analysis reveals that producing diesel from imported crude oil results in well-to-tank GHG emissions that are, on average, 59% higher than from domestic crude oil. Imported crude oils are on average heavier and contain higher levels of sulfur and the controls on venting and flaring during crude oil production are not as good as in domestic operations. This report provides detailed methodology and results for this analysis.

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