Title: Subsurface Sources of CO2 in the Contiguous United States. Volume 1: Discovered Reservoirs
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-2014/1637
Publication Date: 03/2014
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Oil & Natural Gas
Carbon Sequestration
Author: Chris Nichols, Jeffrey Eppink, Tom Heidrick, Ramon Alvarado, and Michael Marquis
Synopsis: Twenty-one CO2 fields in the contiguous states contain an estimated 311 Tcf of CO2 gas-initially-in-place (GIIP).  Of that, 168 Tcf (54 percent) is estimated to be accessible and technically recoverable.  The estimated economically recoverable resource (ERR) is 96.4 Tcf, based on a CO2 price of 1.06 $/mcf ($20/tonne) at the field gate.  Cumulative production to date is 18.9 Tcf, leaving 77.5 Tcf remaining or net ERR.  The Big Piney-LaBarge field in Wyoming contains an estimated net ERR of 52 Tcf, 67 percent of the total for the United States.  The remaining ERR in reservoirs that feed into the Permian Basin and Gulf Coast is on the order of 10-20 years of supply.

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