Title: Calculating Uncertainty in Biomass Emissions Model, CUBE Version 1.0
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 01/2010
Publication Type: Model/Tool
Contact: Timothy Skone
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Environmental & Water

The Calculating Uncertainty in Biomass Emissions model, version 1.0 (CUBE 1.0) determines the life cycle GHG emissions of biomass feedstocks from planting the biomass to delivery to the bioenergy plant gate ("farm-to-gate"). Included are emissions associated with feedstock production, transportation, and processing. The feedstocks in CUBE 1.0 include three dedicated energy crops (corn grain, switchgrass, and mixed prairie biomass) and two biomass residues (forest residue and mill residue). An accompanying report (also available for download on the NETL website) describes model layout and function. A free Analytica player for viewing and using this model can be downloaded from Lumina Decision Systems at:

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