Energy Analysis


NETL performs a broad range of energy-related, multi-disciplinary analyses to help guide and evaluate DOE's Clean Coal Research Program and inform related policy and regulatory decisions. NETL's capabilities in this area integrate process and cost engineering for technology systems with economic analyses for various market sectors in order to assess advanced clean coal technologies, establish R&D goals, and project national benefits of the Clean Coal Research Program.

Oil & Gas

Oil and natural gas account for more than 60 percent of the energy consumed in the United States. To meet projected demand, our nation has a vital interest in ensuring that competitively priced domestic natural gas and oil remain part of the U.S. energy portfolio for decades to come.

Energy Trends & Issues

NETL assesses near- and long-term trends within the energy industry and in the U.S. and world economies that may impact energy price, availability, and security, while influencing the choice of fuels and energy-production technologies.

Life Cycle Analysis |  Smart Grid

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