2010 Worldwide Gasification Database
DOE/NETL 2010 Worldwide Gasification Database

Worldwide Gasification Database Analysis
The 2010 Worldwide Gasification Database describes the current world gasification industry and identifies near-term planned capacity additions. The database lists gasification projects and includes information (e.g., plant location, number and type of gasifiers, syngas capacity, feedstock, and products). The database reveals that the worldwide gasification capacity has continued to grow for the past several decades and is now at 70,817 megawatts thermal (MWth) of syngas output at 144 operating plants with a total of 412 gasifiers.

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Provided below is a link to the database. Also, below is a flyer with highlights from this summary, detailed data sheets for each plant, and overview slides of this summary.

The 2010 Worldwide Gasification Database was compiled by the DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in collaboration with members of the Gasification Technologies Council.

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