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Patented Solvent Technology Offers Efficient Process for CO2 Capture
Image of NETL logoA patented technology from NETL inventors offers a cost-effective way for chemical plants, power plants, refineries and others to separate carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide, (CO), and nitrogen (N2), which will enable low-carbon electricity generation and efficient fuel processing, among other benefits.

NETL Engineers Provide Knowledge to the Local Community on Green Roof Installation
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NETL is providing first-hand knowledge to the City of Morgantown Engineering and Urban Landscape Departments on the energy efficiency of adding a green roof to the City Hall building. The Morgantown Engineering and Urban Landscape Departments visited the NETL Morgantown Site for a presentation by Facility Operations Engineering and Operations Team engineers on the Technology Support Facility’s (TSF) Green Roof build followed by a tour.

NETL Invents Chromia Refractory Brick that can Increase Refractory Service Life and Gasifier Efficiency
Image of NETL logoNETL researchers have developed a refractory brick that can increase the service life of refractories that are used to line entrained flow slagging gasifiers, reducing wear from molten mineral impurities (slag) in carbon feedstock, and resulting in reduced replacement costs and an increased gasifier availability and efficiency.

DOE Research Uses High Frequency, Three-port Transformers to Enhance Combined Solar Power Systems
Image of NETL logoAs the sun rises and sets each day, the availability of solar power comes and goes. Cloud cover, weather patterns and more also impact reliability. This variability makes it challenging for many to count on solar power to meet their energy needs. To expand solar energy use in the United States, scientists must find an efficient and cost-effective way to combat the natural intermittency of photovoltaic (PV) power.

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Dr. Grace M. Bochenek

 Photo of Dr. Grace Bochenek Honoring the life and legacy of Dr. King

As a student at Morehouse College in 1947, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote an essay titled “The Purpose of Education.” He said education must “train one for quick, resolute and effective thinking” and its function “is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically."”