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NETL-Managed Electric Vehicle/Smart Grid Transportation Projects Continue to Advance

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) on America’s highways, evidenced by an anticipated 60 new commercial models on the market horizon, NETL-managed smart grid projects are making progress in the effort to drive down the costs of charging EVs with innovations for improving the nation’s charging infrastructure.

New Project To Improve Characterization of U.S. Gas Hydrate Resources

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the selection of a multi-year, field-based research project designed to gain further insight into the nature, formation, occurrence and physical properties of methane hydrate‐bearing sediments for the purpose of methane hydrate resource appraisal.

Funds Awarded to Historically Black Colleges and Universities for Fossil Energy Research

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected four research projects that will provide educational and research training opportunities for minority students while advancing key technical areas in fossil fuel utilization.


Director's Corner

Dr. Grace Bochenek

As Director of NETL, Dr. Grace M. Bochenek brings a tradition of leadership, technical expertise, and precision to the laboratory’s mission of protecting the nation’s environment and enhancing its energy independence. Dr. Bochenek manages a diverse $9 billion, 1,800-project NETL portfolio that seeks to create commercially viable solutions to energy and environmental challenges; oversees NETL partnerships with research universities and the private sector; and manages onsite research in computational and basic sciences, energy system dynamics, geological and environmental systems, and materials science. Dr. Bochenek’s vision is to build upon NETL’s expertise in coal, natural gas, and oil technologies; energy systems analysis; and international energy issues to effectively address the energy and environmental challenges of the 21st Century and create innovations that will benefit generations to come.

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Video: Supercomputing at NETL

Video: Supercomputing at NETL