Available NETL Technologies

NETL offers a variety of technologies available for licensing and/or research partnerships for further development. We believe that transferring new technology through research partnerships and licensing agreements will help us meet domestic clean energy goals & supply requirements while creating a global competitive edge for the U.S.

The NETL technology portfolio contains a broad range of innovations in carbon capture and storage; mercury capture; fuel cells; sensors and controls; computational modeling; materials science; and other fossil fuel research areas ready for further study and implementation. Browse available technologies by category below.

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All Technologies

Month Posted Partnership Opportunity Patent Information
03/2014 Thin Ionic Liquid Film Deposition within Porous Substrates U.S. Patent Pending
02/2014 Variable Grid Method for Visualizing Uncertainty Associated with Spatial Data U.S. Patent Pending
01/2014 Hybrid Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture U.S. Patent Pending
11/2013 Method and Apparatus for Production of Mixed-Metal Oxide Catalysts U.S. Patent Pending
08/2013 Separation of CO2 From Multi-Component Gas Streams U.S. Patent Pending
06/2013 Carbon Capture with Ionic Liquid Sorbents 8,383,026
06/2013 Method for Surge Recovery in Fuel Cell Turbine Hybrids U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 A Computational Approach to Homogenizing Nickel-Based Single Crystal Alloys U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Computationally Optimized Homogenization Heat Treatment of Metal Alloys U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Constant Pressure High Throughput Membrane Permeation Testing System U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Control of Slag Chemistry for the Reduction of Viscosity and Refractory Corrosion U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Method to Improve Steel Creep Strength by Alloy Design and Heat Treatment U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Novel Reactor Design for Solid Fuel Chemical Looping Combustion U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Pyrochlore-Based Catalysts for Syngas-Derived Alcohol Synthesis U.S. Patent Pending
05/2013 Spheroid-Encapsulated Ionic Liquids for Gas Separation U.S. Patent Pending
03/2013 Metal Oxide Promoters for Improving the Reactivity and Capacity of Oxygen Carriers for the Chemical Looping Combustion Process U.S. Patent Pending
01/2013 Maximizing Drilling Efficiency U.S. Patent Pending
01/2013 Nano-Structured Nobel Metal Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Reforming U.S. Patent Pending
01/2013 Cu-Pd Hydrogen Separation Membranes with Reduced Palladium Content and Improved Performance U.S. Patent Pending
01/2013 High Temperature Optical Gas Sensing U.S. Patent Pending
12/2012 Transpiration Purging Access Probe for Particulate Laden or Hazardous Environments U.S. Patent Pending
12/2012 Regenerable Mixed Copper-Iron-Inert Support Oxygen Carriers for Solid Fuel Chemical Looping Combustion Process U.S. Patent Pending
11/2012 Triazolium-based Ionic Liquids as CO2 Capture Solvents and Membranes U.S. Patent Pending
11/2012 Distributed Optical Sensor for CO2 Leak Detection U.S. Patent Pending
11/2012 Process for Efficient CO2 Capture Using a Regenerable Sorbent U.S. Patent Pending
10/2012 Chemical Looping Air Separation Unit and Methods of Use U.S. Patent Pending
10/2012 Fuel Cell-Fuel Cell Hybrid System 6,623,880
10/2012 A Process for the Mixing of Heavy Solid Particulate Matter in a Lighter Liquid Carrier Fluid Using an Inverted Pulsed Jet Mixing Apparatus U.S. Patent Pending
10/2012 Catalytic Coal Gasification Process for the Production of Methane-Rich Syngas U.S. Patent Pending
10/2012 Visible Light Photoreduction of CO2 Using Heterostructured Catalysts U.S. Patent Pending
10/2012 Organoclay Sorbent for Removal of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Streams at Low Temperatures U.S. Patent Pending
10/2012 Superalloy Surface Treatment for Improved Metal Performance U.S. Patent Pending
09/2012 Improved Martensitic Steel for High Temperature Applications 8,246,767
06/2012 Methods of Reforming Hydrocarbon Fuels Using Hexaaluminate Catalysts 2,052,212
04/2012 Method for Enhancing Selectivity and Recovery in the Fractional Flotation of Flotation Column Particles 7,992,718
04/2012 Process to Accomplish Autothermal or Steam Reforming Via a Reciprocating Compression Device 6,793,910
03/2012 Electrically Distributed Optically Pumped Laser Spark Plug and Ignition System U.S. Patent Pending
03/2012 Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy System Using a Passively Q-Switched Laser U.S. Patent Pending
02/2012 Arc Position Sensing 8,111,059
02/2012 Method for the Production of Mineral Wool and Iron from Serpentine Ore 8,033,140
02/2012 Poly (Hydroxyl Urethane) Adhesives and Binders from CO2-Based Intermediates U.S. Patent Pending
01/2012 Semi-Continuous Detection of Mercury in Gases 8,069,703
01/2012 Thief Carbon Catalyst for Oxidation of Mercury in Effluent Stream 8,071,500
12/2011 Method for Regeneration of Immobilized Amine Sorbents for Use in CO2 Capture (the BIAS Process) U.S. Patent Pending
12/2011 Regenerable Immobilized Aminosilane Sorbents for Carbon Dioxide Capture U.S. Patent Pending
11/2011 Carbon Dioxide Capture Process with Regenerable Sorbents 6,387,337
09/2011 Lean Blowoff Detection Sensor 7,197,880
09/2011 Device and Method for Separating Minerals, Carbon and Cement Additives from Fly Ash 6,681,938
08/2011 Optimum Catalyst Size Selection for Slurry Bubble Column Reactors 7,619,011
08/2011 Amine Enriched Solid Sorbents for Carbon Dioxide Capture 6,547,854
08/2011 Low Temperature Sorbents for Removal of Sulfur Compounds from Fluid Feed Streams 6,743,405
06/2011 Multi-component Removal in Flue Gas by Aqua Ammonia 7,255,842
06/2011 Rapid Gas Hydrate Formation Process 8,354,565
06/2011 High Capacity Immobilized Amine Sorbents 7,288,136
06/2011 Process for Sequestering Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide 7,604,787
05/2011 Solid sorbents for removal of carbon dioxide from gas streams at low temperatures 6,908,497
04/2011 Method for Sequestering Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide Utilizing a Plurality of Waste Streams 7,922,792
03/2011 CO2 Separation from Low-Temperature Flue Gases 7,842,126
03/2011 Method of Detecting Leakage from Geologic Formations Used to Sequester CO2 7,704,746
03/2011 Method for Producing Components with Internal Architectures, Such as Micro-Channel Reactors, via Diffusion Bonding Sheets 7,900,811
03/2011 Thermal Barrier Coatings 7,740,948
02/2011 Capacitance Probe for Detection of Anomalies in Nonmetallic Plastic Pipe 7,839,282
02/2011 Regenerable Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Sorbents for High Temperature Gas Streams 7,767,000
12/2010 High Speed Particle Image Velocimetry U.S. Patent Pending
10/2010 Method for Removal of Mercury from Various Gas Streams 6,576,092
10/2010 Thief Process for the Removal of Mercury from Flue Gas 6,512,021
10/2010 Catalysts for Oxidation of Mercury in Flue Gas 7,776,780
08/2010 Ionization Based Multi-directional Flow Sensor 7,523,673
08/2010 Energy Recovery During Expansion of Compressed Gas Using Power Plant Low-Quality Heat Sources 7,007,474
08/2010 Mercury Sorbent Delivery System for Flue Gas 7,494,632
08/2010 Piezoelectric Axial Flow Microvalve 7,159,841
08/2010 Real-Time Combustion Control and Diagnostics Sensor-Pressure Oscillation Monitor 7,559,234
08/2010 Laser Spark Distribution and Ignition System 7,421,166
08/2010 Method of Applying a Cerium Diffusion Coating to a Metallic Alloy 7,553,517
08/2010 Regenerable Sorbents for CO2 Capture from Moderate and High Temperature Gas Streams 7,314,847
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