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Matrix of Potential Repair Methods for Internal Repair of Pipelines Award No. DE-FC26-02NT41633 Milestone M9 To capture the results of Subtask 4.1 activities, a Matrix of Potential Repair Methods (M9) was created to compare and contrast the collective knowledge of, and interest in, specific repair methods that should be emphasized in the experimental portion of this project. The five major feasibility categories defined for the Matrix: • • • • Cost • Technical Feasibility Inspectability Technical Feasibility of the Process while the Pipeline is In-Service Industry Experience with the Repair Method Each feasibility category was then subdivided into capabilities or characteristics to rank. Each capability/characteristic was assigned a unique weight factor to distinguish its importance in the overall repair process feasibility. Weight factors were based on the quantity of survey responses associated with the feasibility capability/characteristic, with the sum of all weight factors being 100%.

41633R26Matrix.pdf (556.21 KB)