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In response to concerns of climate change, the United States is contemplating a complete and rapid transformation of the way it both produces and consumes energy to significantly reduce its carbon emissions. The integrated Coal Program focuses on retaining the benefits of continuing to use coal to produce electric power. This strategy can help us depend less on foreign sources of energy, respond to the world’s growing climate concerns, and compete economically. It also will ensure that our new natural gas resources will remain available as affordable sources of energy, enabling the return of key manufacturing industries and associated jobs.


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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Library

Efficient recovery of our nation’s fossil fuel resources in an environmentally safe manner requires the development and application of new technologies that address the unique nature and challenging locations of many of our remaining oil and natural gas accumulations. The National Energy Technology Laboratory's (NETL) research projects are designed to help catalyze the development of these new technologies, provide objective data to help quantify the environmental and safety risks of oil and gas development, and characterize emerging energy resources like methane hydrates.


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On-Site Research

On-Site Research

As the lead laboratory for DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy, NETL relies on a strong onsite research program conducted by federal scientists and engineers working in partnership with academia, other research institutions, and the private sector. NETL’s Research & Innovation Center provides the science and engineering basis for next generation technologies that will minimize the environmental impact of fossil fuel use and optimize the use of our domestic energy resources and infrastructure.


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Energy Analysis

Energy Analysis

A variety of NETL energy analysis studies are being used to identify promising research and development opportunities that will enable economic sustainability, energy supply security, and technology solutions that mitigate global climate change and improve environmental performance.

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Non-Fossil Energy

Non-Fossil Energy Research

The NETL Office of Energy Project Management (OEPM) provides quality technical, administrative and project management services to a variety of customers, primarily within DOE and other Federal agencies, on a full cost-recovery basis as part of NETL’s Work-For-Others initiatives.  The OEPM supports work-for-other activities within DOE and other governmental organizations who routinely seek NETL’s strong Federal project management knowledge base in energy and environmental technologies, and who seek to leverage NETL’s successful public-private partnerships in research, development and deployment (RD&D) programs.  Any support provided by OEPM is consistent with and/or complements Fossil Energy (FE) and DOE missions; implementation is done within existing Administration policies.


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