Predictive Geosciences

Researchers in the Predictive Geosciences competency develop and calibrate efficient tools and quantitative relationships for the science-based prediction of the behavior of engineered-natural systems. Research includes fluid-rock geochemistry, fluid-rock geophysics, and geochemical engineering, specifically:

Fluid-Rock Geochemistry

  • Pursuing geomaterials science as it relates to the chemical interaction between subsurface fluids and solid materials (both natural and engineered).
  • Evaluating and predicting how chemical processes can significantly affect the performance and environmental impacts of engineered geologic systems related to production and/or sustainable use of energy resources.

Fluid-Rock Geophysics

  • Understanding, measuring, and predicting the behavior of individual and coupled hydrologic, geomechanical, and geophysical processes in subsurface porous and fractured media related to energy and environmental applications.
  • Simulation of subsurface behavior as well as planning and interpretation of experimental and field data.

Geochemical Engineering

  • Applying geochemical engineering to natural systems to enable safe, sustainable production of domestic energy resources.
  • Developing and identifying cost-effective methods for better utilization of domestic energy resources.