Oak Ridge National Lab

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Materials Issues in Innovative Turbine Blade Designs


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Principle Investigator

George Easo

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Research Area

Aero/Heat Transfer

Federal Contact

Robin Ames – robin.ames@netl.doe.gov

This project focuses on the selection and evaluation of high-temperature materials for use in innovative turbine blade designs that can dramatically improve turbine efficiencies for utility applications. The work specifically addresses medium- to long-range needs for improved, or new, materials that can be used at the higher temperatures expected in advanced gas turbine designs. The specific materials systems investigated in this project include aluminides, silicides, and eutectic composites (NiAl-Cr). In addition, the project also focuses on nearer term materials needs by investigating the mechanical properties of the recently developed low-Re nickel-based superalloys before and after environmental exposure.