NETL-RUA Turbine Thermal Management Program

Through the use of novel, fundamental, and applied research in the areas of aerothermal heat transfer, coatings development, and secondary flow control, the Hydrogen Turbine Program is supported by the NETL-Regional University Alliance (NETL-RUA) Turbine Thermal Management effort.  By way of the NETL-RUA initiatives, both NETL and the participating universities (the University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, the Pennsylvania State University) possess extensive expertise and facilities utilized by this research project. In addition, they work in conjunction with commercial materials and coating suppliers and component manufacturers. The DOE advanced turbine development goals of a 3- to 5-point increase in power island efficiency and a 30 percent power increase above the hydrogen-fired combined cycle baseline are expected to be met via the rendering of measurable outcomes of this research. Both a recent patent disclosure for a novel bond coat system as well as the development of diffusion barrier coatings to maintain alumina-forming capability of the bond coat with emphasis on increased functionality and reduced costs over current technology concepts are just two examples of results stemming from developments of these efforts to-date.