Project Number: FE0005712

General Electric (GE) Global Research is developing an advanced model-based optimal sensor network to monitor the condition of the gasification section in an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant. The work builds on model-based controls aimed at enhancing efficiency and operational flexibility through increased automation.

Within an overall strategy of employing model-based online monitoring and predictive controls, GE Global Research is extending existing models for the gasifier and radiant syngas cooler to include the effects of degradation and fouling on the sensed variables like temperature etc., and will implement an estimation algorithm to assess the extent of gasifier refractory degradation and radiant syngas cooler fouling. An optimization-based solution will be employed to optimally place the hardware sensors utilized in the estimation algorithm in order to achieve the monitoring requirements at the lowest cost. The performance of the sensor placement algorithm and resulting monitoring solution will be demonstrated through simulations using representative test cases. The overall approach is one of the first to be applicable to condition monitoring of critical components in IGCC plants.

Schematic depicting online monitoring integration with predictive controls model. (click to enlarge)

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