Carbon Absorber Retrofit Equipment (CARE)
Project No.: DE-FE0007528

   Spray Jet Array for  Neustream-C Nozzle Technology
Spray Jet Array for
Neustream-C Nozzle Technology

Neumann Systems Group will be designing, constructing and testing their patented novel absorber in order to establish that the absorberwill significantly reduce process equipment footprint and the cost of full scale CO2 capture systems. The absorber will employ proven nozzle technology and an advanced solvent that efficiently captures CO2. A module of the absorber will be inserted post-baghouse into a 0.5MWe slipstream at Colorado Springs Utilities Drake #7 power plant. The slipstream will be equipped with SOx scrubbing and amine washing equipment.  

The project objectives are to:

  • Validate the potential contribution of the NeuStream-C™ absorber to achieving DOE objectives at  pilot scale.
  • Confirm that there are no environmental, health, and safety issues that would prevent scaling the NeuStream-C™ absorber design and processes to full plant operation.

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  • For further information on this project, contact the NETL Project Manager, Andrew O’Palko