Post-Combustion CO2 Capture for Existing PC Boilers by Self-concentrating Amine Absorbent
Project No.: DE-FE0004274

3H Company will evaluate the feasibility of its "Self-Concentrating Absorbent CO2 Capture Process."  The process is based on amines in a non-aqueous solvent which, upon reaction with CO2, separate into two distinct phases: a CO2-rich liquid phase and a dilute lean phase. The proposed process offers several potential advantages. Preliminary experimental data show that the process has the potential of reducing the total regeneration energy by as much as 70 percent. The solvent has high working capacity, thus required solvent volume would be lower than that required in a currently available amine system. This results in lower pumping requirements, lower auxiliary power demands, and reduced equipment size. In addition, since the solvent is non-aqueous, corrosion issues would be reduced. During the three-year project, an engineering design supported by laboratory data and economic justification will be developed to construct and operate a slipstream demonstration facility at an E-ON power plant in the United States as a next stage of commercialization development.

Concept of the Proposed Self-Concentrating Amine Absorbent Process
Concept of the Proposed Self-Concentrating Amine Absorbent Process

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