Pilot-Scale Silicone Process for Low-Cost Carbon Dioxide Capture
Project No.: DE-FE0013755

General Electric is using a novel silicone solvent to capture CO2 with a continuous pilot-scale system at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) test facility. This effort is based on a previous project focused on development at bench-scale. The system integrates unit operations unique to the aminosilicone-based CO2 capture process with existing infrastructure at NCCC. It will be sized appropriately to allow recycle of the aminosilicone solvent through all of the unit operations. GE is designing and constructing a pilot-scale unit to obtain parametric data to determine key scale-up parameters and develop a scale up strategy. They are also performing environmental health and safety and techno-economic analyses to determine the feasibility of commercial-scale operations. Computational and experimental methods are being utilized. Data from the pilot-scale system will be used to obtain engineering data to determine scale-up effects and needed design parameters to develop a scale-up strategy to take the aminosilicone-based CO2 capture process to commercial scale. The technology will eventually be applicable to retrofit coal-based power plants.

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