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Cyber-Physical System Model for Monitoring and Control

Date Posted
U.S. Patent Pending


Research is active on the design of a cyber-physical system to monitor and exert control over multistage networked plants and processes such as multistage chemical processing plants and power generation facilities. This technology is available for licensing and/or further collaborative research from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory.


This invention is the use of a cyber physical model (CPM) to monitor information from power plant operations, interpret discrepancies in real time, and asses the process state for potential process instabilities. CPM consists of both hardware components and virtual models that operate in real-time alongside the operating plant to emulate the processes taking place in the process unit while also assessing data for integrity and for any indication that processes have been compromised or are becoming unstable.

This invention addresses vulnerabilities to multistage and networked processes, including the risks associated with cyber-attacks, fault detection, and sabotage. CPM combines and couples hardware to emulate the critical dynamic components and unpredictable fluid dynamics components in a multistage or networked system with software to evaluate the fluid dynamic similarities, emulate the predictable components, identify the differences from the plant’s operating map, and to exert supervisory control over when necessary.

  • Emulates critical dynamic components
  • Addresses system vulnerabilities
  • Potentially simplifies and speeds up the detectability and increase the accuracy of numerical approaches
  • Power plants
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Refinery operations
  • Chemical manufacturing

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