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Moisture Removal from Flue Gas for Enhanced Co2 Separation

Date Posted
USPN 8,889,589


Research is active on the patented technology titled, "Method of CO2 Removal from a Gaseous Stream at Reduced Temperature." This technology is available for licensing and/or further collaborative research from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).


Carbon capture and storage is a key component in our nation’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Development of efficient CO2 removal sorbents is critical for achieving successful processes to control CO2 emission from existing coal-fired power plants. Sorbents which capture CO2 via physical sorption, such as zeolite 13X, have shown great promise for CO2 capture due to acceptable CO2 capture capacities, low heat of reactions, and low sensible heat. These qualities contribute to low energy penalty for CO2 removal. However, when moisture is present in the flue gas stream, higher temperatures are required to regenerate the strongly adsorbed water molecules, making the process more energy intensive. Moisture removal prior to the CO2 removal step has been previously evaluated but no cost effective method for removal has been developed due to the requirement of high regeneration temperatures for moisture removal.

This invention describes an efficient and cost effective process for integration of the moisture removal step with the CO2 removal step. In this process, sorption/desorption in the moisture removal step takes place below 70 ˚C and the heat required for regeneration of the moisture removal sorbent is provided by the waste hot gas stream from the CO2 sorbent regenerator unit. Removal of moisture prior to the CO2 capture step reduces the overall energy penalty associated with CO2 separation. Implementation of this technology will allow for more widespread use of moisture sensitive CO2 capture materials and processes.

  • Efficient low cost method for moisture removal from flue gas streams

  • Process is applicable to other moisture sensitive materials and processes

  • Process reduces the overall energy penalty associated with CO2 separation

  • Post-combustion CO2 capture at combustion and fossil fuel power generating systems

  • Other applications where moisture removal from gas streams is required

Moisture Removal from Flue Gas for Enhanced Co2 Separation

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