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Educational Partnerships

We value the organizations that partner with us to provide world-class opportunities to teachers, students and the community. All of our education partners are listed below. For more information on each partner, please click on the link that will direct you to their website. 

If you are interested in partnering with NETL in providing STEM resources to teachers, students and the community, please contact the director of the NETL K-12 STEM Education Program.

Carnegie Science Center

Energy Challenge - Since its installation in 2010 NETL’s Energy Challenge has been one of the most popular stops at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Science Center.  Players of all ages enjoy the energy quiz game designed to educate visitors about the importance of energy in our daily lives, how energy works, and how we can conserve and reduce our energy use.

Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP)

Program Information:

Program information focusing on elementary to middle school teachers

Program information focusing on middle school to high school teachers

Triple E (Energy, Economics and Environment) Workshop

Light, Color and Spectroscopy Workshop (video)

Flyer for the Light, Color and Spectroscopy Workshop 

Ken Mechling
Office of S&T Career Management
Office: 412-386-7249