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Crosscutting Research

Crosscutting TechWhen ready, successful Crosscutting technologies are transitioned to other fossil energy (FE) Coal and Power Research and Development Programs: Advanced Energy Systems (Gasification Systems, Advanced Combustion Systems, Advanced Turbines, and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells); Carbon Capture; and Carbon Storage. For some technologies, transition directly to industry for development and demonstration is possible without additional FE support.

These CCR technology areas benefit and provide value to FE programs and relevant industrial programs. Consistent with this R&D path, CCR serves as the lead program to incubate novel concepts and foster the growth of those concepts that hold the potential to advance fossil-fueled power systems and carbon capture and storage technologies.

CCR is currently funding the development of a broad portfolio of technologies that have the potential to provide step-change improvements in both cost and performance as compared to current state-of-the-art systems. The execution of the program is primarily through cost-shared R&D in collaboration with universities, national laboratories, government, non-profits, and industry.