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Advanced Filtration to Improve Single Crystal Casting Yield

Performer: Mikro Systems Inc.

Project No: SC0008266

Project Images

Model tree schematic.

Industry standard flat primary filter.

Conical pour cup (primary) filters produced by TOMO during Phase I.

  • 3 filter variants

  • Can be nested to contain multiple geometries to create tortuous path for effective filtration

  • Conical shape increases available surface area by 7X over current disc filter

  • Can contain sidewall features

  • Point blockage causes less disturbance to output flow pattern

Industry standard in-line filters – fine structures break and cause incusions in castings

In-line (secondary) filters produced by TOMO during Phase I.

  • Support features are designed into castings

  • Filter design stronger and less susceptible to thermal shock

  • Geometric pattern makes flow uniform across filter

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