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Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

SOFC Protection Coatings Based on a Cost-Effective Aluminization Process

Performer: NexTech Materials Ltd.

Project No: SC0008203


  • Developed a modified ASD coating process for metallic interconnects to achieve dual-coated MCO active area and aluminide non-active seal area coating process. Stable electrical performance of the MCO active area coating derived from modified process demonstrated for greater than 5,000 hours at 800°C.

  • Demonstrated the critical functionality of the aluminide coating for non-active areas of metallic interconnects: high-temperature oxidation/chromium volatilization resistance and excellent thermal cycle leak rate performance due to reduction in detrimental seal/substrate interactions.

  • Demonstrated fidelity of the coating for commercially important BOP alloys and established significant improve-ment in high temperature corrosion (oxidation/coking) resistance.

  • Successfully scaled the coating process from small planar coupons to uniformly coating interior and exterior surfaces of large components with complex geometries and developed a process for uniformly coating welded areas.

  • Cost modeling indicated the cost for dual coated parts to be less than $3/part for a 15 cm by 15 cm part at 1 million parts/year volume production.

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