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Performer: Research Triangle Institute
Award Number: NT42459
Project Duration: 06/01/2005 – 09/30/2010
Total Award Value: $7,154,057.00
DOE Share: $5,724,245.00
Performer Share: $1,429,812.00
Technology Area:
Key Technology:

Project Description

The objective is to develop a warm multi-contaminant syngas cleaning system for operation between 300 and 700° F. This project will continue development of the RTI warm syngas cleanup technology suite. Based on the field testing results with real syngas from Eastman Chemical Company's gasifier under DOE Contract DE-AC26-99FT40675, additional technical issues need to be addressed to move the technologies used in warm syngas cleaning further towards commercial deployment especially for chemical/fuels production. These issues range from evaluation of startup and standby options for the more developed desulfurization processes to integration and actual pilot plant testing with real coal-derived syngas for the technologies that were tested at bench scale during Phase I. Development shall continue of the warm gas syngas cleaning technology platform through a combination of lab-scale R&D and larger integrated pilot plant testing with real coal-derived syngas as well as process/systems analysis and simulation for optimization of integration and intensification.

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Federal Project Manager Kenneth Lyons:
Technology Manager Jenny Tennant:
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