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Investigation of WO3-based H2S Sensor Materials for Coal Gasification Systems

Performer: University of Texas at El Paso

Project No: NT0008022

Project Description

The project is to develop a new Ti-doped WO3 sensor nanomaterial for H2S detection. The objectives are to achieve improved response time, controlled microstructure for long-term stability, and narrow particle size distribution for improved sensor characteristics and performance in a WO3 material. This research will investigate H2S detection selectivity, sensitivity and stability of undoped and Ti-doped WO3. The research will investigate the surface functionalization and stabilization of WO3 by metals such as Au and Al for H2S sensors. A comprehensive suite of measurements, together with temperature-dependent electrical characterizations and performance evaluation tests, will be performed to asses their feasibility for use in coal gasification systems for H2S detection and monitoring.

Project Details