CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

Coal/Biomass Gasification at Colorado School of Mines

Project No: NT0005202

Project Description

The project objective is to produce an improved understanding of the syngas output as a function of operating parameters so that improvements on systems efficiency and economics can be made. Of special note is that the impact of coal/biomass commingling is being investigated. The potential for tar removal for this syngas stream is being investigated. Also included within this effort is system modeling which examines system-wide efficiency and performance issues with particular emphasis on assessing the impact of component technology advancements being investigated in other aspects of the project. In addition, overall process considerations require the transfer of energy from one flow to another. This transfer can be done with high effectiveness using compact microchannel counter flow ceramic heat exchangers (pictured). Both modeling and experiments are directed toward development of ceramic heat exchangers that are applicable to gasifier units.

Compact microchannel counter flow ceramic heat exchanger
Compact microchannel counter flow ceramic heat exchanger.

Project Details