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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Analysis of Gas Turbine Thermal Performance

Performer: Ames National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-AL05205018

Project Description

Ames Lab and Purdue University are developing cooling strategies through the following tasks: Develop and evaluate computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-based analysis tools that can be used to study heat transfer issues in the design of turbine components and develop guidelines and best practices for their use; Examine the basis of the experimental methods used to validate CFD design and analysis tools; Apply CFD analysis tools to support the development of turbine technologies for advanced, near-zero emission-type coal-based power systems. The analysis tools of interest are those that can properly account for the steady and unsteady three-dimensional heat transfer from the hot gas in the turbine blade/vane passages through the turbine material system (thermal barrier coating and superalloy) to the internal cooling passages as a function of the cooling strategy as well as a function of the hot-gas and coolant compositions, mass flow rates, and temperatures.

Schematic of the wedge-shaped duct with ribs and pin fins for the trailing edge of a turbine vane/blade.

Project Details