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Improved Atomization Processing for Fossil Energy Applications

Performer: Ames National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-AL-99-501-032


Previous collaboration with LANL on partially sintered ultrafine iron aluminide powders as porous supports for hydrogen separation membranes resulted in US Patent No. 7,611,565 B1, issued on November 3, 2009. Project team members developed an innovative processing method involving GARS for the fabrication of precursor ODS ferritic stainless steel powder. The resulting consolidated microstructure evolution was evaluated; initial as-consolidated tensile properties were compared with data on commercially produced mechanically alloyed ODS ferritic stainless steel alloys. The first US Patent on the general approach to generation of dispersion-strengthened alloys from GARS powders was issued on April 20, 2010, with two additional patent applications under examination. A project begun in December 2009 with a major industrial partner is based on this new simplified ODS alloy production technology.

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