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Crosscutting Research - Plant Optimization Technologies

Computational and Experimental Development of Novel High Temperature Alloys

Performer: Ames National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-AL-07-360-019

Project Description

This project will develop a tool to rapidly assess materials to find candidate high-temperature, oxidation-resistant alloys capable of meeting the requirements of high-temperature gas turbine components. The basis for this method is that materials can be compared using formation enthalpy data, which shows the heat released or absorbed in their formation. Using this tool will allow researchers to narrow down possible alloy formulations from tens of thousands to a manageable number of combinations that are most likely to succeed.

Project researchers will investigate potential alloy formulations using progressively more accurate thermodynamic methods; conduct critical experiments to test the accuracy of the calculations; and evaluate each alloy’s key mechanical, thermal, and oxidation properties. Those alloys showing the greatest potential for high performance will be further screened for thermochemical stability using state-of-the-art thermal analysis, high-temperature X-ray diffraction analysis, and microstructural evaluation with electron microscopy.

Project Details