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Advanced Energy Systems - Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

Advanced Energy Systems - Fuels

Performer: NETL On-Site Research

Project No: FWP-2012.03.05

Project Description

The objective of the National Energy Technology Laboratory – regional University Alliance (NETL-RUA) Coal/Biomass to Liquids (CBTL) research is to assist Fossil Energy in the development and deployment of coal-based thermochemical conversion technologies that will facilitate the production of domestic synthetic fuels with more advantageous economics and better greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint than conventional petroleum-derived fuels. Specifically, the NETL-RUA research will focus on the development of materials and processes tailored for standalone unit operations as well as process intensification opportunities of the future, including the coupling of gas conversion and separation technologies. Efforts will focus on the development of more rugged materials (i.e. catalysts, H2-enrichment), and engineering opportunities to enhance process efficiency (i.e. reactor design) while overcoming thermodynamic limitations (i.e. process intensification). Specifically, the current NETL Office of Research and Development (NETL-ORD) effort will explore and develop &"post-syngas production” strategies focused predominantly on the management of CBTL-based Fischer-Tropsch (FT) tail gas options including the optimization of recycle, power generation, and energy commodity production.

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