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Influence of Processing on Microstructure and Properties of Iron Aluminides and Coatings

Performer: Idaho National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-1168-100159

Project Description

This project will determine the influence of thermal spray processing parameters on the microstructure, stress state, and performance of advanced coatings for high-temperature environmental resistance in fossil energy applications Advanced in situ diagnostics used in the application of coatings are employed to relate thermal spray particle characteristics to the observed coating microstructure and residual stress state. The state of total residual stress in the coating can be controlled by altering the thermal spray process parameters to control the relative importance of peening stress (which is known to be compressive) and the tensile quench stresses. A significant impact of the peening stress on the coating microstructure has also been observed.

A suite of coating performance tests will measure the effects of microstructure and stress state on important in-service coating characteristics, ultimately enabling selection of optimum coating parameters of a given alloy and application. The coating performance tests will encompass measurements of high-temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance at constant and cyclic well as providing measures of coating adhesion and durability both before and after environmental exposure. Demonstrated performance improvements of thermal spray coatings will lead to field testing. The repair of thermal spray coatings will also be explored.

Project Details