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Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

Advanced Acid Gas Separation Technology for Clean Power and Syngas Applications

Performer: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Project No: FE0013363

Program Background and Project Benefits

Air Products has developed a proprietary alternative to conventional syngas cleanup, combining a Sour Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) step that separates CO2 and H2S from the desired products, and a tailgas disposition block which separates the sulfur-containing compounds and purifies the CO2 to a sequestration-grade product. Specifically, Air Products will test a two-bed PSA unit on a slipstream of authentic, high-hydrogen syngas based on low-rank coal at the National Carbon Capture Center; also a multi-bed process development unit (PDU) will be operated, refining the reliability of predictions of PSA performance at commercial scale. The information obtained from the two-bed PSA unit and the PDU will be combined to build a techno-economic assessment of PSA utilization for methanol production, as well as to update techno-economic assessments of the technology for IGCC.

Project Details