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Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Enhanced Syngas Production in the Reaction Mixture Carbon Dioxide Capture

Performer: Ohio State University

Project No: FE0012136

Project Description

The objective of this Ohio State University project is to further demonstrate the technical and economic advantages of chemical looping gasification (CLG) for power generation and for synthesis of transportation fuels and other high value chemicals from coal. Specifically, the research team aims to (1) improve oxygen carrier performance, (2) demonstrate at bench-scale that the CLG process can achieve greater than 98 percent coal conversion, (3) demonstrate the effects and fates of contaminants, (4) develop a sub-pilot-scale cold-flow model, and (5) provide a comparative techno-economic analysis that establishes the feasibility and attractiveness of the CLG system.

Bench Scale Unit Setup

Bench Scale Unit Setup

Project Details