CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

SECA Coal-Based Systems

Performer: LG Fuel Cell Systems, Inc

Project No: FE0012077

Project Description

This LG Fuel Cell Systems project comprises laboratory development and testing of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) cells and stacks to advance and validate the reliability, robustness, and endurance of LG Fuel Cell Systems' (LGFCS) SOFC technology. LGFCS utilizes its integrated planar segmented-in-series SOFCs at pressures of up to seven atmospheres to achieve higher volumetric power densities. LGFCS will focus on advancing cell and stack materials and designs to create more stable and less expensive SOFC stacks and then test them at various scales to establish a preferred set of materials, which will undergo a block-scale metric test. The "block" test is the representative fuel cell module that forms the building blocks of the LGFCS SOFC power system. The fuel cell stacks will be tested as part of an integrated stack block in which all components needed to produce the flow, temperature, and compositional boundary conditions for the fuel cell stack are used. Consequently, the cells and stacks are evaluated using full-scale balance-of-plant components (reformer, exchanger, off-gas burner, circulators, and ducting) thus validating the performance of a complete integrated block (i.e., stacks and balance-of-plant components).

Project Details