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Performer: Gas Technology Institute - GTI
Pump Installation
Pump Installation
Website: Aerojet Rocketdyne
Award Number: FE0012062
Project Duration: 10/01/2013 – 03/31/2017
Total Award Value: $8,755,110
DOE Share: $5,428,067
Performer Share: $3,327,043
Technology Area: Gasification Systems
Key Technology: Novel Technologies to Advance Conventional Gasification
Location: Canoga Park, California

Project Description

The objective of this Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne project is to develop fuel feed technology for high-pressure gasifiers that will result in significantly lower-cost coal gasification plant construction and/or operation for power production with carbon capture. Aerojet Rocketdyne will conduct dry solids pump (DSP) feed system test operations at 400 tons per day (up to 600 tons per day [tpd]), collect and analyze the resultant data, and develop and update the models needed to prepare a conceptual design of a 1000 tpd DSP operation. This project will provide researchers with the test data, analytical models, and operational experience needed to confidently design a 1000 tpd high-pressure DSP system.

Project Benefits

This project will develop a high-pressure dry feed pump for gasification processes to enable feeding of low-rank coal by constructing, operating, and testing a pre-commercial-scale prototype (600 tons per day at a pressure gradient of 1,000 psi). Novel dry feed technologies have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of gasification in two ways; enabling slurry-fed gasifiers to run effectively on low rank coal, and enabling dry-fed gasifiers to run at high pressure. This would increase the efficiency of the gasifier and reduce plant capital, maintenance, and operating costs, resulting in less than half the life-cycle cost (capital and operating combined) of the state-of-the-art dry solids lock hopper feed system, and is also expected to perform with at least twice the mechanical efficiency of conventional feed systems.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager K David Lyons: k.lyons@netl.doe.gov
Technology Manager K David Lyons: k.lyons@netl.doe.gov
Principal Investigator Alan Darby: alan.k.darby@boeing.com


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