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Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

High Hydrogen, Low Methane Syngas From Low Rank Coals for Coal-to-Liquids Production.

Performer: Southern Research Institute (SRI)

Project No: FE0012054

Program Background and Project Benefits

Southern Research will design and analyze a modified, advanced gasification platform for the conversion of low-rank coals to syngas for coal-to-liquid and gasification combined cycle applications. Specifically, this will involve development, testing and optimization of steam-reforming catalysts for converting tars, C2+ hydrocarbons, NH3, and CH4 in high-temperature and sulfur environments, typical of syngas from low-rank coal gasification. Improved catalysts would increase the H2:CO ratio of the syngas and reduce down-stream fouling costs and efficiency losses, which would support the commercialization of a high-temperature, sulfur-tolerant steam reforming catalytic process to reduce the cost of coal-based gasification cleanup, reduce carbon emissions and increase the efficiency of low-rank coal gasification for production of electricity and coal-to-liquids.

Project Details