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Effects of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on Turbulent Combustion and Emissions in Advanced Gas Turbine Combustors with High-Hydrogen-Content (HHC) Fuels

Performer: Purdue University

Project No: FE0011822

Program Background and Project Benefits

This project will focus on the impact of exhaust gas recycle (EGR) when used with high hydrogen content (HHC) fuels. Improving the understanding of hydrogen combustion under these conditions will aid in developing improved combustion technologies that deliver higher temperatures while keeping emissions low. Specifically, this project will develop experimental methods, kinetic models, and numerical tools to quantify and predict the impact of EGR on nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide emissions, combustion kinetics, radiation heat transfer, turbulent combustion, and combustion instabilities for HHC fuels by using laminar and turbulent flow reactors and gas turbine combustors operating at high temperatures and pressures.

Project Details