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Advanced Energy Systems - Advanced Combustion Systems

Advanced Oxy-Combustion Technology Develop and Scale-Up for New and Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants

Performer: Washington University in St. Louis

Project No: FE0009702


The project was selected for continuation into Phase II. Washington University in St. Louis has identified the major equipment needed and completed the collection of performance specs, a schematic design of the pressurized radiant boilers (assisted by CFD modeling), the plant site plan, an ASPEN process simulation model, and economic analysis. Experimental efforts were also undertaken to better understand the combustion of coal in nearly pure oxygen. Combustion tests were conducted utilizing oxygen-enriched air (up to 40 percent volume O2). Combustion tests at atmospheric pressure were performed in the 1-MWth test furnace at Washington University. The team will continue to collect the experimental data needed for CFD model validation during the final quarter. A provisional patent encompassing the SPOC process and boiler design was filed.

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