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Study of the Durability of Doped Lanthanum Manganite and Cobaltite Based Cathode Materials Under "Real World" Air Exposure Atmosphere

Performer: University of Connecticut

Project No: FE0009682

Project Description

The University of Connecticut (UConn) team will perform an evaluation and analysis—using experimentation and computational simulation—of degradation phenomena in lanthanum manganite- and cobaltite-based cathode electrodes when exposed to air atmosphere conditions during solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) operation. The project will examine the role of dopants, electric polarization, gas phase contaminants, oxygen stoichiometry (proportions), and A:B ratio on the long-term bulk and interfacial stability of lanthanum manganite and cobaltite cathodes. Cathode materials will be characterized to develop both initiation and propagation processes responsible for chemical and morphological changes. The role of electrode poisoning in the presence of chromium vapor will be examined using existing test facilities capable of generating a wide range of vapor pressures in humidified air.

Project Details