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Alstom's Chemical Looping Combustion Technology with CO2 Capture for New and Retrofit Coal-Fired Power

Performer: Alstom Power Inc

Project No: FE0009484


The project was selected for continuation into Phase II. The final Phase I Technology Engineering Design and Economic Analysis Report has been completed and submitted to DOE. The performance of four Limestone Chemical Looping Combustion (LCL-C™) systems includes overall plant, environmental, and thermal performance plus detailed mass and energy balances for the key process streams and a summary of the key LCL-C™ components and subsystems. Economic evaluations were completed for the plant configurations. The report also provides a summary of the Aspen Plus and Thermoflow models developed for simulation of this case.

Alstom conducted a series of engineering studies, which included methods of pressurizing coal feed to a pressurized reactor, sensitivity of plant efficiency to reducer operating pressure, methods of operating two reactors with different pressures under steady state and load change conditions, modifying or including equipment for process improvements that include solids separation, increasing carbon conversion and the purity of gas leaving the reducer, and finally, methods for condensing and scrubbing moisture from the gas stream. Bench-scale thermogravimetric analysis tests were performed to determine process performance under pressurized conditions with and without the use of LCL-C™ reaction promotion methods.

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