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Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Enhancement of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Cathode Electrochemical Performance Using Multi-Phase Interfaces

Performer: University of Wisconsin System

Project No: FE0009435

Project Images

A comparative investigation on patterned LSC214/LSC113 films (left panel) vs. LSC113/LSC214 films (right panel). The upper pictures are the SEM images and the lower plots are the Sr signals from Auger electron spectroscopy. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements suggest the LSC214/LSC113 films exhibit greatly enhanced ORR activity while LSC113/LSC214 films did not show clear activity enhancement. The Sr intensity results from Auger electron spectroscopy reveal differences of surface phases on LSC214/LSC113 vs. LSC113/LSC214 films.

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