CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Mechanistic Enhancement of SOFC Cathode Durability

Performer: University of Maryland

Project No: FE0009084

Project Images

Schematic showing the transition from scanning electron image stack (a), which is used
 to generate a three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction (b), which is then reduced to
a mass centroid 3-D skeleton (c).

Temperature programmed desorption (linear thermal ramp with in-situ mass spectrometer
analysis of desorbed gaseous species) of LSCF powder: (a) oxygen (mass 32) desorption as
a function of temperature showing 240 °C surface "α-peak" and bulk oxygen "β-peak"
above 500 °C; and (b) CO2 (mass 44) desorption de-convoluted into four different peaks
demonstrating ability to identify and quantify individual binding energy surface states.

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